Asphalt sealer

sprayingwithtriggerwandThe sealing process includes “BlackMac” which is an oil based substance that the asphalt is made from. It is this substance that holds the sand and rocks together and keeps them in place. The sealing process has multiple purposes; it prevents cracks because it seals the asphalt so no water can penetrate it, but the sealant itself is able to permeate the asphalt, restoring its natural elasticity and allowing it to breathe. Store bought water based or acrylic sealers, which only sit on top of the asphalt, do not have the same power to penetrate the inner layers as well as the “BlackMac” sealer. These store bought sealers act in the same way a layer of paint would sit on top of a painted surface; unable to penetrate the necessary layers, they are not beneficial to the asphalt in any way. In addition to its ability to permeate the asphalt, oil based sealers such as “BlackMac” also protect the asphalt against oil stains, gas spills, salt damage, harsh winter weather conditions and sun oxidation. By using a quality oil based sealer the overall look of the asphalt is improved, keeping it looking rejuvenated and more importantly the lifetime of the asphalt is extended.

Work description: Prior to applying the sealer, the asphalt is cleaned using an industrial blower and a mechanical broom in order to remove all dirt and dust that may be present on the surface. All the cracks are also cleaned and any weeds that may be growing are removed. Once the surface is cleaned, any oil stains that may be present are burned out with an industrial torch. Finally, once the surface has been fully prepped, the “BlackMac” oil based sealer is applied with a specialized high pressure spray system.


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